-She loves Sasuke so much...


I was in the Sasusaku tag and I saw two NS shippers. Why don’t they keep their crap on their own dashboard instead of putting it in the SS tag, like WTF you twonks!

Trust me. NaruSaku assholes, like them, don’t know what real defeat means unless it’s too late, for them, anyway. They have a whole lot of butthurt.



I swear they are just so confident for like NO reason…

I believe they plant bugs into each others brain every week a chapter comes out so that NS fans won’t switch ships. I’m not ashamed but I do visit the NaruSaku tag every now and then ….and there is some SERIOUS

Earth Kingdom style brainwashing going on..

The Da Li agents are the ELITE NS fans, and they brainwash those who start believe NS won’t become canon.

Watch your backs.

How do NaruSaku retarded fans get such idiotic hallucinations. Maybe because, they make stupid rants. The same thing goes to SasuKarin retarded asses, as well, too.

those people who think that this girl is pregnant, profoundly mistaken


she holds a cloth lol

Could it be you know who?


The amount of crosstagging in the SS tag is unreal, if you’re so sure that SS won’t happen then why the hell do you keep bringing your bullshit into our tag, keep your NS “facts” to yourself thank you very much.
No matter what you say, it’s not going to have any affect on Kishimoto at all, he is…

Ain’t that the truth!!


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Exactly, my point.


JYJ Jae Joong - @Star1 Magazine August Issue ‘14


JYJ Jae Joong - @Star1 Magazine August Issue ‘14

sunggyu draws the line in the sand
woohyun and sunggyu’s 4 letter talk


放課後、お菓子を買った 🍬

I got a paper heart, please be careful.

For Albert-sama (シ_ _)シ

Sakura + Sasuke.